Tuesday 24 June 2014

Anxiety poem by Caroline Bartholomew

it is scary sometimes when I can't leave my house 
the feeling I have inside that stops me from living my life 
I just want to go out and watch my kids play 
but anxiety has hold of me today
 sometimes I manage to open the door and step outside for a second 
but today I froze at the hallway right by the door.
you see it's not nice being me 
when you have anxiety 
it can come at any minute of the day 
you see it is scary being me 
somedays I may manage to get to the shop 
or even the kids school 
but anxiety can strike at any moment at any second of the day 
sometimes I can have it all day

I sometimes wonder what it's like to live like other people 
who can leave their house freely and do as they please 
and be there on their friends wedding day when the photographer says say cheese 
and wonder what it is like being able to go on holiday and travel the world 
and meet new people and make new friends

but I am me and I have anxiety 
there's not much I can do about it 
but just try get through the day the best way I can 
and try help other people understand

understanding is what we all need to do more 
because sometimes a person may look ok 
even if they are hurting inside or have a illness or condition we can't see  
like depression, cancer, and many other things including anxiety 
so next time you see someone in the street stop and say hello 
ask that person how they are feeling and if they are ok 
because sometimes that can make our day

when someone takes a moment to see if we are fine 
and I'm sure you'll be surprised to how many different people 
that look ok from the outside
are suffering inside

**copyright Caroline Bartholomew

I would like to say a massive thank you to Caroline for her poem.  To see more posts from Caroline please visit her blog at nomorefrizzyhairdays.blogspot.co.uk

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  1. your welcome hun x i know what its like having anxiety i dont have it bad as i can go out places ect but sometimes can get anxious for no reason and nervous just sitting at home so many people suffer from it in different ways and its hard for other people to understand as we can look fine on the outside even though we are panicking mad on the inside xx xx caroline from nomorefrizzyhairdays.blogspot.co.uk