Friday 11 December 2015

Children's Christmas Stocking Fillers

With Christmas day only two weeks away, I am sure many of you have almost finished your Christmas shopping.  If, like me, you find hard to get the little stocking fillers or small fun gifts for the kids it can become a bit stressful. No need to worry anymore as Dotcomgiftshop have something for everyone, and yes that includes the big kids too.

As you all know, I have a son aged 5 and a girl aged 3, and they can be hard to get for, especially my daughter, who is quite the diva!! I was delighted when I was asked to write this post, so here is my little gift guide for the perfect stocking fillers.

Secret Agent Spy Pens - £3.95

For the budding spy in the family, this pack of 2 pens will be right up their street. They can write secret messages and the only way they can read them is by using the UV light.  If I am being honest I can't wait for my son to open these so I can get a shot myself.

Dress Up Dolly Sticky Memo Pad - £4.95

I absolutely love this, it is so adorable!! This little gift comes with different little sticky memo sheets that can be used to dress up the dolly memo sticky notes or you could use them to write down your to do list or other important tasks.

Little House Pencil Sharpener - £2.95

How cute is this! This would be the perfect addition to any pencil case. I don't think I could use this it's too sweet!

12 Colourful Crayons - £1.00

A favourite with children of any age.  I love the size of these, great for little hands.

Nature Trail Scrapbook - £3.95

Perfect for writing down information on the little creatures you have found or for sticking pictures or other findings to the pages. The inside cover gives hints and tips on how to get the most out of your scrapbook.

Nature Trail Binoculars - £3.95

Great for taking a closer look at the tiny bugs or for having a look at the birds high in the trees. I love these and know my son will too.

Nature Trail Magnifying Glass - £2.95

Yet another important addition for your little adventurers.  Great for examining bugs and beasties.

Nature Trail Compass - £2.95

I love this little compass, great way for the kids to explore and never lose their way when out on those important missions!

Nature Trail Insect Viewer - £3.95

This viewer gives the children a chance to look at bugs close up without hurting the insect, or themselves.  There is a plastic spider inside the viewer too.

Nature Trail Whistle - £2.95

This is more than just a whistle, it also has a built in compass and thermometer!

Nature Trail Angle Head Torch - £5.95

I think this torch is a must have for every adventurer. Not only is it good for when daylight starts to fade but it will come in handy when looking under dark undergrowth to find new creatures.  It also comes with 4 different coloured filters.

Nature Trail Water Bottle - £4.95

Exploring is thirsty work so every explorer will need a water bottle.  The screw cap stops any spillages and there is a small cup too!

As you can see from the list above, the prices are fantastic as are the products.  I am really delighted with the standard the goods are made to and they are built to last, well they are for children after all so they need to be sturdy.  You won't be disappointed and you truly will find something for everyone at Dotcomgiftshop.

To find these and other fantastic stocking fillers for the kids click here and happy shopping.


  1. My daughter has those spy pens and has so much fun with them!

  2. I used to have the dress up dolly pads when I was a little girl! Wow - that took me back! The Secret Agent Pens are cool too!

  3. These are all great stocking fillers, and the prices are very good too.

  4. Great stocking fillers - I always get my sone something spy related x

    1. My son has just started taking an interest into the whole spy thing. x

  5. Super stocking fillers. My girls would love all of them. We've gone down the spy route as well this year.

    1. I can't wait to see their faces on Christmas day. I must admit I am looking forward to writing cute little messages for the kids with the pens x

  6. I am slightly ashamed to say but we usually fill the stockings with chocolates. Lots and lots of chocolates (the good kind too, so we can eat it all after the kids lose interest). But we have lots of small gifts under the tree, and I just know they would love those spy-pens.

    1. Don't get me wrong there will be chocolate in there too, wouldn't be the same without it. The spy pens are just too cool, certainly something for kids, and big kids, will enjoy x

  7. Some great ideas. I know a boy who would love the spy pens.

  8. Oh I like these choices! they have a lovely traditional nostalgia feel to them.

    1. They really do, especially the dress up dolly memo pad xx

  9. Isaac would adore the spy pen. I like cheap, fun gifts for stockings