Sunday 29 May 2016


I have noticed recently that we seem to go through an awful lot of dish cloths in this house. They are not only used for cleaning the dishes, we use them on worktops too and of course they can get dirty very quick and they are not exactly easy to clean over and over again. Ecoegg have came up with a solution to this and I must admit, it is not only a convenient one, its a cute one too.

Wednesday 18 May 2016

Mental Health Awareness Week 2016

This week is mental health awareness week and I have been a little busy with my online event over on Facebook and decided I would post on here today.  The focus this year is on relationships and the important role they play in recovery, support and life in general.

Sunday 15 May 2016

When Everyone Shines Including You

There has been many a time I have only been too happy to stay out of the spotlight and stay in the shadows. This is mainly down to my health condition and over time I forgot how to be me.  I was never one to shy away from conversation or to get my point heard but over the last year or two I have been a bit more careful about how I act and what I talk about.