Sunday 29 May 2016


I have noticed recently that we seem to go through an awful lot of dish cloths in this house. They are not only used for cleaning the dishes, we use them on worktops too and of course they can get dirty very quick and they are not exactly easy to clean over and over again. Ecoegg have came up with a solution to this and I must admit, it is not only a convenient one, its a cute one too.

The Eggsterminator sponge is fantastic, and cute I mean look at his little smiling face!!  I received a box of 4 which is perfect as it means I can have 1 for my kitchen, one for my bathroom and 2 backups.  He really is a multi purpose sponge and you may be surprised at what he can be used for other than cleaning!!

When firm (rinse him on cold water) he removes sticky labels easily (yay) and can even peel your vegetables without a blade. That one even shocked me!!  When warm (rinse in hot water) he is soft and squidgy which mean you can even use him to exfoliate in the shower! Seriously cannot get much more multi purpose than that.

I used one of the sponges in my kitchen on my work tops which ended up sparkling more than before, I gave him a good rinse in hot water and used it to get into the tough spots on some of my cups and I was over the moon with the results, a cloth wouldn't have done that trust me! The sponge is also safe to use on cookers as it is scratch free.

One of the other sponges I used on my bathroom sink, bath and taps and, again, I was delighted with the results. My taps were gleaming as if they were brand new!!  The sponge is easy to clean.  Simply pop it in the dishwasher or if you don't have one, let him soak in the sink with hot water and washing up liquid and tada spotless and ready to use again.

The Eggsterminator sponges are that good they won the Queen's Award for Enterprise, for outstanding business success in Innovation. The prestigious award by HM The Queen acknowledges the company’s innovative product development and commercial success.

I 100% recommend the Eggsterminator sponge for every day use.  You can purchase the sponge, on the website  priced at £9.99 but if you enter the code Eggster40 you will receive 40% off!!

A message from the founder.

Rob Knight, Founder & Managing Director of Ecoegg, said: “We’re thrilled to have been awarded a Queen’s Award in such a competitive category. We’ve worked so hard as a company to develop products that make a real, positive impact to the lives of people that use them, as well as to the environment.

“Innovation drives everything we do at Ecoegg and the Laundry Egg, along with our 18 other eco-friendly products, have each revolutionised the categories in which they compete. Providing a cost effective and natural alternative to products that have remained the same for decades, and changing the way we think about everyday tasks such as cleaning, is something we’re very proud of.


  1. I like the look of these. I'very tried so many things around the house for cleaning. I particularly like the fact it removes sticky labels!

    1. I was over the moon that it removes sticky labels, they are such a pain!! The "mouth" of the sponge is brilliant for cleaning cutlery too x

  2. I just look how cute he looks :)

    Ilike to use microfibre cloths as I just throw them in the washing machine when they're dirty but this looks like it could be useful x

    1. He is adorable!! I love this sponge as it gets into every little area that cloths can miss as he gets so squishy x

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