Sunday 12 November 2017

Brainwavz Audio Headphone Hanger.

James has a set of wireless Bluetooth headphones that he loves to take with him whenever he goes out to the shops or takes the dog for a walk.  The thing is, it usually takes him 10 minutes to remember where he put them the last time he used them!! Well the awesome people at Brainwavz have a solution for that.

Hooka - The all metal headphone hanger!!

Yes, they have a special hanging unit for your headphones, how cool is that!  The unit is incredibly simple to set up.  Just remove the paper that covers the 3M VHB™, a strong double-sided acrylic foam tape, and attach to your chosen surface.  

I decided to attach it to the side of our wardrobe since the bedroom is the best place to store them, away from the little monsters that are Liam and Sophie.  The unit is light but sturdy enough to stay attached to the surface and does not budge at all when the headphones are placed over it.  Just what we need.

The Hooka headphone hanger comes in at £13.67 which isn't a bad price considering how simple and quick it is to attach and the sturdiness of the unit is fantastic too.

To order the Hooka hanger click here, or to have a look at the other headphone storage options Brainwavz have on offer click here.

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