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I hope you are all well and thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.

You will find many different posts on here, I like to be random as you will soon find out.  The main reason for my blog is to raise awareness of mental health conditions, share my experiences and to offer help and support where I can.

Check out which gives advice on how to help loved ones who are living with a mental health condition.

I also write product reviews, talk about books, music, movies and my wonderful family.  There really is something for everyone.

As for me I am a mum of 2, a wife, daughter and sister and yeah I have a lodger called perimenopause 

Thanks again for reading my blog.

Angela xx

**All views are my own and all posts are original.  With regards to guest posts I have the full permission of the writer to publish them.  Review posts are 100% honest.**


  1. I suffer depression and anxiety, PND got me in particular. It's absolutely ok to be open and honest - it's brilliant to read that you're so open about it in the hope of getting rid of the stigma. That's why I'm trying to fundraise. Respect and good luck! xx

    1. Thank you Helen. I would love to hear more about your fundraising activities!! I agree. i think its best to be open and honest. people dont expect it and it makes you feel that bit better about it too. x

  2. lovely post well done hun :) love reading your posts on here,

  3. First I have come across your blog. Well Done!

    We all have Mental Health. What we would all like to have is Good Mental Health.

    My brother died a few months ago. He had anxiety, he also had COPD (Chroni Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), he had Emphysema. With Emphysema it is difficult to get sufficient breath, due to the poor condition of the lungs. Apparently anxiety often occurs along with Emphysema. Which seems to make sense when you think about it.

    Yet my brother when he was alive would say that he found it difficult to get the help, support, treatment, etc that he felt that he required. He mentioned a culture of "having to fight for services and resources". When I began to interact with local groups I also would hear people saying / stating having to "fight for resources". This seemed alien to us :- As we were brought up to Care, Share, etc. We both also worked within the Health Service, and were used to providing care on a needs basis. Not who shouted loudest etc. So it seemed strange that within the Community we were hearing "fight for resources" :- We were not brought up to be aggressive. Also within the Health Service we had been used to working in a collaboratively way with colleagues in order to provide best care for those in need within the departments in which we worked.

    I am truly saddened that my brother suffered anxiety, saught much needed support via Health Service, etc. Yet felt that his anxiety was not really addressed. Maybe they did not manage to get to the crux of the variety of reasons for his anxieties. Whilst they tried to support his physical condition. Yet he felt both needed addressing. I hope the future brings better Care for all with Physical and Mental Health Care NEEDS.

    Rachel Craig

    1. Hi.
      I am so sorry to hear about your brother. COPD is sadly something I know about as it affects a loved one. It's a very harsh condition ( that's me being polite about it)
      It upsets and angers me to read he never got the help he needed. Too many people across the UK are being failed by the government who are slashing beds and funding for mental health services.
      Please feel free to contact me if you ever need someone to talk to x