Thursday 14 December 2017


I have always loved taking pictures of family, friends, my furbaby Belle, well everything really. When I was younger I had photo albums full of memories.  Now the photos I take are mainly on my social media pages.  For a while now I have said to my husband how it would be nice to have a family photo on canvas. We never got around to finding one that suits, until now.

Photowall had the canvas we had been after and I am really looking forward to sharing my finished canvas and the wonderful customer service I received.

The canvas comes rolled up, safely, and comes with the wooden frame and all the pieces you need to put it together yourself.   I liked this as it means the canvas is protected whilst in transit.

I let my husband James put it together, I was in charge of taking the pictures!! Well James being James, he couldn't wait to get started, fine with me!

You place the canvas, picture side down, on a clean and even surface.  Then you simply place the wooden frame panels on and wrap around using the adhesive panel on the wood.  After you have done that you screw the corner plates in place. Tada, you have your canvas ready to be put on the wall.

I love the quality and the finish of our canvas.  The picture was taken at my sister in law's wedding and I knew it was the picture I wanted on there and I wasn't disappointed.  The service from Photowall was fantastic.  I did receive an email saying the quality of the print onto the canvas may not be of the quality I would like but I was happy to go ahead with it and as you can see, the quality is perfect!  Shipping wise, our canvas was dispatched on Monday (11th) and it arrived today (14th).  Not bad considering it was coming from Sweden and with the weather down in England being less than pleasant, it arrived quickly.

We ordered the canvas sized 27.5 x 31.5 inches is priced at £86 and it is the perfect size for our wall.

I plan on putting it on the wall, fixtures included, when I can find our drill!!

Photowall have so much to offer!! You can purchase custom print canvases or you can select one from a variety of categories from cities, animals, sports, child friendly and many more. What I would love to order, and I am going to talk nicely to the husband after Christmas, is their wallpaper!! 

Yes you can order, again, from a variety of categories or create your own custom wallpaper!! 

I honestly cannot recommend Photowall enough.  Fantastic service, quick and free shipping and incredibly quality.  What's not to love?

Photowall have very kindly given me a 20% discount code for my wonderful readers.  Enter AngelaHamiltonCampaign2017 at the checkout to receive your discount which is available for 30 days.

You can connect with Photowall via their website and Facebook.

**Photowall is supporting the global campaign The Invisible Child, together with Oxfam and the Moomins to raise funds for Oxfam.  For each motif of The Invisible Child, Photowall will donate 25% of the sale price to Oxfam.**


  1. I love wall canvases, we have quite a number of them in our house. I've never had one I put together before though but like you say good it is protected in transit. Glad to hear you had a really god experience and received a canvas you were very happy with. Mich x

    1. This is our first canvas but I can see me ordering more. They are so nice and have that something extra. x

  2. I love nothing more than filling our walls with pictures and canvases.
    What a lovely family picture

    1. Thank you. It's lovely to have pictures around the house. Great way to share lovely memories x

  3. What a great idea, I have always bought mine ready to hang. It's so nice to be able to put big photos up of family members

    1. I love having loads of photos. Adds something special to the house x