Tuesday 27 February 2018


Hi everyone!!

Sorry it has been a while, we have been really busy over the last couple of months with Christmas activities, school and university!!  I am back now woo!!

As the weather has, yet again, taken a very cold turn, it was the perfect time to have some craft fun with the kids!

 Weekend Box is a great little craft box that is full of fun activities.  We have had 2 of these before and this one was the definite favourite.  Why I hear you ask, well it was dinosaur themed.  Always a winner this house.

This box has 4 Dino activities: Dinosaur claws, Dino hatchling, clothes peg dinosaur and Dino egg nests.  Tonight Liam and Sophie decided to make the clothes peg dinosaur.

The box gives you everything you need for the crafts included, you just need scissors.  Let the fun begin. 

The simple step by step guide has illustrations as well as numbered steps, making it easy to follow.  I like this as it means the kids can see what they should be doing.

As you can see, the kids were do happy to have their photos taken!!  They did have fun honestly.  They took it in turns to complete the steps.  We had a lot of laughing along the way, especially as dad managed to draw over himself and glued the paper to his fingers!!

The great thing about this box is it promotes, not only having fun, but team work too. Liam and Sophie worked great with each other and encouraged one another at the tricky parts.  

The next activity planned for tomorrow after school is the Dino egg nests, yummmmmy.

The Weekend Box is a subscription service.  You can select a 2 activity box at £5.95 per box, first box is £2.98 (fortnightly delivery) or the 4 activity box at £8.95 per box, first box is £4.48 (fortnightly or monthly delivery).  You can also gift a box from the selections mentioned here. To order your free 2 activity box (first one free) or to receive £1 off your first 4 activity box click here

I think the boxes are worth the money, the kids love them and it means the whole family can join in and have fun together.

To find out more, visit the website here.

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