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Hair she goes

The lovely people at Bella & Bear sent me the wonderful Hair She Goes facial hair removal kit.  As a woman I know that this is an essential tool for every lady.

This system is simple to use and is pain free (yay) it also includes tweezers for those stubborn hairs that do not want to come out!!   It is great for use on upper lip, chin, jaw and cheeks with results lasting up to 5 weeks.

To use: hold in both hands and bend it into a U shape, place on the part of the face you wish to remove hair from, slowly rotate the handles in both directions gently removing the hair upwards TA-DA hair is gone :) Yes it really is that simple and pain free.

Enjoy ladies


Lipcote  - The original lipstick sealer

The lovely people at Lipcote sent me some lovely gifts for me to try and review.  I think every woman knows Lipcote and no doubt the majority of us have this wonderful little beauty secret in our make up bags.

Lipcote lipstick sealer, pin badges, bag and travel card holder

Today I decided it was time to try this timeless classic and see if it still lived up to its old reputation. 

With my two year old daughter watching me fascinated I went into my beloved make up bag and chose my Gosh Cosmetics lipstick balm (angel) and lipcote obviously :)

I started by applying my lipstick, blotting with a tissue then applying again.  A few seconds after application I used the lipcote. It has a soft brush which gives excellent coverage. After using it I sat with mouth open until it dried. It does tingle slightly but this wears off once dried.

Now came the big test, will my lipstick stay in place when I kissed my little did. No lipstick kisses for Sophie today.

I love Lipcote and I will continue to use this product in future.



After use. super shine and lipstick that stays put

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To purchase Lipcote you can buy it here

For more on GOSH


 MiracOILicious Shampoo & Conditioner

The lovely people at Mark Hill sent me some lovely hair products to try, Shampoo, Conditioner, intensive treatment and Argan Oil.  Today I will be telling you about the shampoo and conditioner.

Both products smell delicious, good enough to eat but I refrained ;) Luxurious and creamy with the smell of the exotic, really made me feel like I was in some far off land. 

Once I used the Shampoo I could actually feel the difference in my hair even though it was still wet. Good start!! I followed this up with the conditioner.  I am not a big fan of conditioner as it has a habit of making my hair look heavy and dull. This was not the case.

When I dried my hair the difference was very noticeable!! My hair had a shine that is has not had in a long time.  People were even asking me had I had my hair coloured which I have not had done since 2012!!

I can totally recommend this product and if your hair needs a lift this is a must buy!

Sudocrem Care & Protect range

Having two young children I always look out for products that are gentle  but powerful enough to protect their sensitive skin.

I got 3 different products from the Sudocrem care & protect range....Mousse, skin care cream and nappy rash cream.

I tried the cream for nappy rash on my 1 year old daughter. She gets quite bad nappy rash and  some other creams I have tried only made it worse! I followed the instructions and used it at each nappy change. WOW what a difference it made. It honestly cleared it right up. It was easy to apply and not messy!

Next I tried the moisturising mousse on my 4 year old son. He plays in the nursery garden quite a lot so I wanted to something to keep his skin soft and protected from the elements.
The mousse comes in a spray can and my son thought this was great fun! I noticed his skin was so much softer when he came back from playing in the garden and it was not as red either!

Finally I tried the skin care cream on myself. I have sensitive skin and find a lot of creams dry it out making it worse. After my shower I applied the cream, again easy to apply, and let it work its magic! It is safe to say I have found my new skin care product. My skin feels amazing!!!

I highly recommend that parents try these products. Amazing!! Well done Sudocrem.


Rimmel 1000 kisses - Carry on Cherry - Lip tint

I was having a look through my make up bag and came across my Rimmel 1000 kisses lip tint. Never even used that yet. That is when I decided I would try it and let you know what I think.

The shade I have is Carry on Cherry. It's a beautiful colour.

This lip tint claims to have a non-transfer formula. At one end there is the actual lip tint which looks like a felt tip pen. It is very easy to apply and the "pen" like tip gives your more control when applying meaning less mess. Once that has dried use the balm end to give that extra shine and increase staying power.

I have never been that confident when it comes to applying make up but this product has given me more confidence when it comes to trying new colours and new make up. I love the colour and it stand out but not in a bad way!

I think I will get some other shades (there are 6 in total)
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Sacla Italia - Butternut Squash & Parmesan Risotto

The next product up for review is - Sacla Italia - Butternut Squash & Parmesan Risotto sauce.

I was excited about trying this as I love butternut squash, Parmesan and Risotto :)

Again whilst it was cooking the aroma filled the house and it was amazing!

The sauce has just the right amount of Parmesan and succulent pieces of Butternut squash.

Love the fact the sauce is not full of additives it just full of yummy goodness.

Yet another 100% recommendation from me!!

Sacla Italia - Pronto stir in sauce - Sun-dried tomato and Italian Basil

I decided to use the Sacla Pronto Sun-dried tomato and Italian Basil stir in sauce over pasta for my children.

When I opened the container the beautiful aroma of fresh ingredients filled the air. WOW was my first impression I have to admit.

Once I added it to the pasta and cooked it through my mouth was watering! I was already hungry so the scent of the sauce cooking made my stomach growl even more!!

I gave my children their meal and my daughter Sophie (1) could not get enough of it. My son Liam (4), who can be a fussy eater, was quite taken with it too.

There are no hidden ingredients, no additives and very little preservatives it is all good healthy ingredients. To me that makes it perfect!

I did have a try myself and I was not disappointed. It tastes incredible.

100% recommend this product!

PRODUCT REVIEW - LG TrueSteam RC8066AS2Z Condenser Tumble Dryer

I got the LG Truesteam condenser dryer and I am glad!!

the dryer

the 8kg drum

I absolutely love this dryer! I was like a kid at Christmas when it arrived :)

It comes with 14 programmes and temperature settings. The drum holds a 8KG drying load. It also comes with a drying rack (see picture above) so you can dry things like delicate items, shoes, dry flat items and teddy bears!

It also has a touch screen! On there you can control the in drum light (yes it lights up) the buzzer (which plays a tune when programme is over), programme time so you know how long is left and my favourite function, the child lock!

The unique thing about this dryer is it can be plumbed in like your washing machine so that you can use the truesteam function. That way you can steam dry clothes and it kills germs.

I 100% recommend this condenser dryer! Best dryer I have ever had!!

for more information please see -

Product Review - Orange and Passion Fruit J20

I received 2 cans of Britvic J20 - Orange and Passion Fruit that I won.

Handy size for keeping in the fridge and it has catchy colours that draw your eye straight away.

The juice itself was very smooth and refreshing. Perfect for a summers day.

Not sweet but one can might be too much for some.

There was quite a lot in one can.

I recommend it for anyone who likes a nice refreshing drink.

for more product information and for nutritional values please go to

product review - John Frieda frizz ease

As you know I like to enter competitions and try free products. From time to time I will write a review on here letting you know what I think, info on the product etc. Something to lighten the mood :)

I signed up to a website,, where I complete surveys about which products I currently use, beauty concerns and the likes. If you match up you are then asked to join a campaign and you can say yes or no. It isn't compulsory to join a campaign.

My latest product to test is the John Frieda Frizz ease smooth hair care range.

I received a kit with the following products in it - Frizz Ease®Smooth Start® Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner with Frizz Ease® Original 6 Effects Serum and Frizz Ease® Secret Agent® Perfecting Crème. It also came with samples to give to people.

Today I tried the products and below is a before and after and the products I used (large bottles only).

My hair can be frizzy at times so I thought I would give it a try.

I recommend the shampoo & conditioner. The serum and the finishing creme I would only recommend for occasional use if you feel you need it.

Thanks to John Frieda and BzzAgent.


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