Wednesday 15 October 2014

A day of baking.

Since my son is off school for the October week and Sophie's playgroups are off too I thought why not have a baking day.

I decided to make some homemade soup and homemade rolls.


I made Lentil soup and put some carrot and turnip in there too.  It is quick, simple and cheap to make.

First I put some vegetable oil in the pot, let it heat up a bit then added the carrot and turnip to fry it off a bit.  I then added some lentils.  You wont need to add lots of lentils as they swell.

Once everything was mixed nicely I added the water bringing it to the boil.

When it was boiling I added a vegetable stock cube mixed it all together and turned it down to a gentle heat to let it simmer checking on it every 10 minutes.


The recipe for my rolls and bread can be found here  I would post it here but it is quite long!

Again, simple and cheap to make but can take a little prep time.

dough before 

dough after proving

Ready to go into oven

Yummy rolls ready to eat

I honestly prefer homemade soups and bread because you know exactly what is going into it and it works out so much cheaper than buying it in the supermarket.

Why not give it a try?


  1. I love homemade soup! Never normally have time to make homemade rolls but they look delicious!

    1. thanks!! I dont make the rolls often but make soup quite a lot, especially in winter!! nice thick vegetable soups yummm xx