Saturday 11 October 2014

Shane Filan - My Side Of Life

I love reading and I love music so you can imagine my excitement when my favourite singer, Shane Filan, announced he was releasing his autobiography this month.  Lets just say I pre-ordered it and waiting patiently, OK not so patiently, for the postman to bring me my copy.

Shane Filan, My Side Of Life arrived yesterday and I decided to wait until the children were in bed before I started it, well it does deserve my full attention after all.

Me and Shane July 2013 Radio Tour, Edinburgh

Shane's autobiography tells us about his rise to fame with Westlife, meeting the love of his life Gillian and the dark days after he was declared bankrupt.  He has been quoted as saying he wants to help others who have been in a similar situation.  

I am currently on chapter 5 and honestly I have had a good laugh already, especially the part about him dying his hair blonde and getting a fake tan so Simon Cowell wouldn't recognise him!! 

Once I am finished the book, no doubt after more laughter and some tears, I will tell you more about it BUT if you love reading a good autobiography I honestly recommend buying Shane's book. You won't be disappointed.

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