Wednesday 24 October 2018

You Should Be Dancing

Saturday Night Fever, a movie that defined an era and gave us one of, if not the best, soundtracks ever. We all know the songs, the dance moves and lets be honest we all love the legendary white suit. I absolutely love the movie, watched it over and over but on Saturday 20th October, a dream came true. James and I went to see the stage show.

The week leading up to the show, I was worried my anxiety would get the better of me and I would pull out of going but on the day of the show, excitement really took over. I apologise to my Twitter and Instagram followers for all the pictures, ok I am not really sorry.

All dressed up and ready to go we made our way to the Kings Theatre in Glasgow. The theatre is stunning and one of my favourite places in Glasgow. It wasn't long before the lights went down and the curtains opened.  Not going to lie, I was that excited I actually cried.

Stayin' Alive rang out around the theatre and I was genuinely finding it hard to stay in my seat. The urge to dance was unreal.  Those who know me will tell you that dancing has always been my true passion but sadly it didn't work out for me. I am grateful for the shows I did take part in but my dream of standing on the stage in a real theatre and dancing in front of a hundreds of people never happened.  Poor James had to sit next to me as I mimed along with the songs, feet tapping the whole night. 

Richard Winsor played the iconic Tony Manero and he was incredible from start to finish. He was born to play that role. The entire cast were amazing. The energy throughout the whole performance was phenomenal, I was exhausted just watching them. The atmosphere was electric, the audience enjoyed every single little second. Even the theatre staff couldn't take their eyes off the stage (Ssshh don't tell their manager)

For me, the most beautiful moment was Richard's solo to Immortality. James had to hand me a tissue as I was left in tears. The choreography was stunning and the emotion throughout the piece was evident in every single move. As I write this I have goosebumps. 

If you can, I 100000000000% recommend booking a ticket. If you don't, well that will be a tragedy!

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