Friday 2 November 2018

Inspiration - Part 2

Taken from BBC Casualty Twitter

A few weeks back I wrote a post about how a storyline and a tweet from one of my favourite actors made a positive change in my life, both at times I really needed it. Today, I want to tell you how another amazing actor has had an influence on my life, That actor is Jason Durr.

Taken from Jason Durr's Twitter (sorry lol)

Jason Durr came into Casualty as nurse David Hide back in 2016 (How has it been 2 years already!!) David was very quiet and right away I knew there was an interesting, and important, back story to this character and I was right.  During one episode David was standing on the hospital roof, his son standing on the edge and David shouted "I have Bipolar" cue tears from Angela! That was the start of an emotional rollercoaster, one that lead to me making a change that has put me on the path I am on today.

Last year, over 2 episodes, David stopped taking his medication, and started acting differently, very happy and excited. Now many people may not understand why this is an issue and this is where Casualty excel and educate the viewers as well as entertain. David was on a high (mania). Buying a car, seeing his psychiatrist, who was actually all in his imagination (sign of psychosis).  The second episode saw David drive a pregnant Robyn to a cemetery where his brother was buried. David came down off his high but it was too late. We end in resus with Dylan asking David to actively seek support before support actively seeks him and David being led away with the psych team. The emotions I felt during those 2 episodes and how the story was portrayed on-screen had me question if the Psychology degree was the right thing for me. My husband had commented on just how much I knew about Bipolar and the help that would be available to David. 

I changed my degree. I went from Psychology to Health and Social Care. Why? Well I am currently in 2nd year and can focus on mental health. The change has been so significant for me. I am much happier and enjoying the course so much more now. It also means I can apply what I learn in the running of my drop in group, further benefiting the members.

Thank you Casualty and Jason Durr. I don't think you realise how much you help people. I know that storyline helped people seek help, but it also helped me in a different way.

Oh and Jason, what is in David's bumbag? 

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