Sunday 21 December 2014

Drink Me Chai

I love tea and I love trying new flavours, anything from fruity to normal and everything in between and this is how I came across Drink Me Chai.

The lovely people at Drink Me Chai sent me some different powdered teas to try and I was more than happy to try and review them. I was like a kid at Christmas when I received them.


A nice blend of tea, milk and spices and for me the most important thing is it is 99% caffeine free!  Both my husband and I like this tea as it has a warm pleasant taste with a hint of cinnamon.



A mix of tea, spice, milk and chocolate! I am not a fan of chocolate drinks as they are usually quite sickening but there is a subtle hint chocolate.  I am happy that the taste is not overpowering as it can be off putting.



I love love love peppermint tea! This works wonders for heartburn and if you are like me and have gastric reflux this is a must have in your cupboard!  A nice taste and again not overpowering. My favourite by far/



I like the smell of vanilla but sometimes find it to be quite a strong taste. This one was quite strong so wasn't really for me but everyone has different tastes.


Earl Grey

My husband is a fan of Earl Grey so he loved this one! A blend of Early Grey and Frothy milk. It is quite a strong tasting tea but Earl Grey is a famous, well loved tea.

£6.50 for 20 sachets

This may surprise you but there is another way to enjoy these lovely powdered tea! On cakes. Yes you read that correctly.   Mix 1 tablespoon of Drink Me Chai power into 2 tablespoons of buttercream icing for an interesting delicious cupcake topping. It will add that something extra to your cupcakes!

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