Monday 22 December 2014

Noisy Nativity & Christmas Tree Hunt

Today was my son's first Nativity play at school. It was so emotional seeing my little man on the stage dressed as a shepherd.

The play lasted for 30 minutes which is long enough for the children I think as it must be overwhelming seeing all those people looking back at them. 

All the children done really well.  The primary one class were the main characters, the primary two and three class were singing in the background and some of the primary two and three children were dressed as teachers telling everyone that Christmas is not about presents and told the story of Mary and Joseph.

This is the first time Liam has ever done something like this and I couldn't be more proud, He remembered every word and every song and he looked great too. Such a clever boy and I'm a very proud mummy.

In the afternoon we took our daughter Sophie to see Santa and then we took her around the shopping centre for a Christmas tree hunt. She was so excited at seeing all the different trees and the hunt ended at the massive tree which she loves.

It was a nice day and it felt great getting out and about enjoying myself.

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