Tuesday 6 May 2014

Positive step

Today my husband, children and I had been due to go for a day out.  Last night I built myself up to go, reminding myself I would be fine, it would be fun and the children would love it and have fun.  The trip was cancelled due to other circumstances, nothing to do with my anxiety for a change!!

When I realised we were not going my anxiety started to creep in. I would not let it get the better of me today!!  We got ready and took the kids to the local shopping centre, met with my mum and sister and me and the kids sat in my mums car talking and having a laugh whilst my husband got the shopping.

Afterwards we cam home and got the dinner ready.  We then had a surprise visit from some family members which was great for my wee monsters as they go to see their cousin.

Not long after they left I suggested we took the kids out for a while since it was still light and warm enough. We took the ball with us and all had fun playing football, picking flowers and seeing who could throw the ball the highest,

Yes at times I felt anxious but I did not let an attack happen.

Angela 1 - 0 Anxiety


  1. Sounds like you had a really fab day out with the family and well done for keeping calm x

  2. thank you so much
    we had a lovely day. xxxx