Saturday 22 March 2014

And it all came tumbling out

So today I broke down in tears in my kitchen and everything I have been feeling and worrying about came tumbling out and I have to say it feels as if a massive weight has been lifted.

It all began with a simple statement from my husband and that is all it took for it to come out. As soon as he said "whats wrong" that was me, tears came as I stood doing the dishes.

Don't you think it is amazing how two little words get you that emotional and admit to everything?

The list of things wrong went like this: Am I a good mum? Am I a good wife? Do we have enough Money? Why is my anxiety back? My anxiety can get lost can't it? I just want to hug my mum, I want her to be better!!

My poor husband got it all thrown at him and fair play he left me scream cry and have a good old rant.

He also got called all sorts before I told him what was wrong...oops.

Thing is sometimes we want someone to ask us what is wrong so we can vent.

Talking about it is the best thing we can do.....bottling it up is not.!

Never be ashamed

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