Wednesday 26 March 2014

The Caerus Partnership


I would like share with you a new and amazing organisation , The Caerus Partnership. This is an organisation I will be supporting and hope to work alongside them to help others.

"As an organisation we believe we need to make the good care of our mental health as part of 'business as usual' and must work to better improve opportunities for individuals that have faced crisis. Our core business objectives are as follows:"

  • to create a n inclusive awareness  of mental health problems so that we can  intervene and support individuals in the earlier stages of poor mental health.
  • to help individuals recognise problems with their mental health and develop effective, personalised and practical recovery programmes for them.
  • to help mental health sufferers manage the relationships they have with their friends, families and employers.
  • to ensure mental health sufferers can rebuild their lives and embrace preventative activities in healthy, practical and functional manner.
  • to provide training and employment opportunities for mental health patients to put their experiences and insights to positive use.
  • to help employers become aware, proactive and supportive of mental health sufferers in the work place.
  • to encourage a widespread appreciation of the progressive, non-discriminatory and psychological nature of all mental health problems.
  • to inspire others to embrace the individuality of mental health sufferers and consider the damage labels and stigmas can cause.
  • to engage everyone in the mental health epidemic and inspire each of them to play a role in giving people the opportunity to get and stay well.

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