Saturday 29 March 2014

New glasses - New reason to be anxious

I am supposed to wear glasses all the time as I have a problem with my right eye and I have done since I was 4.

Just before Christmas I decided I no longer wanted to wear them as I felt ugly and silly wearing them. I am not really sure what brought it on.

Wednesday this week I got my eyes tested and yesterday got my new glasses. They are lovely but as soon as I put them on I felt dizzy and sick. I wore them for a few hours then had to take them off.

Today I went all dizzy, warm and sick again and it brought on a panic attack. I know its silly deep down I know that.

I called the opticians who told me that as my prescription changed it is all very normal to feel what it like motion sickness as the eyes adjust. 

Would be too easy for me to take the glasses off and forget about them but I am going to persevere.


  1. If you feel uncomfortable with the glasses you need to go back to the optician and explain your problem. They will recheck your eyes and modify the prescription to make you feel more comfortable.

    1. Hey!
      They are so uncomfy its unreal.
      The optician told me to give it until Friday but I think I am going back tomorrow!