Tuesday 25 March 2014

I pushed myself today

Last night I had a bad panic attack. I have not had one like that in quite a while. It scared me even though I knew what it was.

I cried, screamed and bounced around trying to give all that adrenalin somewhere to go.

My husband was a great help. He let me vent it at him knowing what I said was not aimed at him or anyone, it was purely my frustration.

I spoke to my mum and sister also who were so understanding and tried to get to the bottom of why it happened. At the time of it starting I was eating dinner and watching TV. Clearly my subconscious was working overtime for some reason.

Today I decided to stand outside just for 10 minutes to remind my brain that there is nothing scary out there and the fresh air and open space was no a threat. After I done that I went back inside got ready and went to the local Asda supercentre.

I knew it would be busy, when is it ever quiet?!

earphones on and in I went got everything I needed paid and came home. I could feel an attack start when I was there but I stayed and kept going.

When I got home I was so pleased with myself and very tired too

It's a start

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