Thursday 14 August 2014

Bella & Bear Eye & Mighty Eyelash Curler

I was asked to try the new eyelash curler from Bella & Bear.  I couldn't wait to get it as, 1. I was in need of them and 2. I love love love Bella & Bear!!!

The packaging is so lovely and sweet!! Yes I am a fan of pretty packaging why not :)

£12.99 on Amazon

In the past when using eyelash curlers I found my skin would get pinched or my eyelashes felt as if they were being pulled out!! Not this time. Such a gentle product! The fingers grips are nice, smooth and not harsh on your fingers either and my fingers didn't get stuck either lol!

I got great results using this eyelash curler and my lashes looked longer and fuller which for my lashes is amazing . Marks out of 10? Full marks 

If you would like to purchase this awesome product (and more) please visit


  1. lovely blog post eyelash curler sounds good, i never seem to get on with them im scared of pinching my eye

    1. these are the only eyelash curlers that have never pinched my skin should give them a try x