Monday 18 August 2014

The day has come

The day has come to let my little boy go. He is now in primary one and it was one of the hardest but most exciting things I have ever had to do.

We are so proud of our boy. He is more than ready for school. Liam is such a clever lad and we know he won't struggle to make friends either.

We can see the school from our living room window so he knows we are not far. Not that he was bothered right enough haha. He went away with the teacher, he looked a bit nervous, but he had some reassurance from mummy and daddy.

At 2.30 we can go into the classroom to pick him up.

Such an exciting day for my baby boy.


  1. aww he looks so grown up you should be proud. he will love his first day at school my little girl did and she couldnt stop talking about it when she got home

    1. its scary how grown up he looks. he will be fine, i think its more emotional for the parents lol