Saturday 30 August 2014

Ben's Beginners

Before reading the rest of this post I want you to watch this video and let's just say it may surprise you.

Well was I right? Did you realise that so many children have no kitchen skills at all? No I didn't either.

As you will see from the video you just watched the amount of people who were shocked to see no kitchen in the house they were shown really gets the point across.

As a child I loved being in the kitchen with my mum or gran baking cakes or "helping" make the dinner. It was great fun and I didn't realise I was learning a skill that meant I would be able to survive on my own when I was older. After all we do have to eat to survive.

Sadly places like McDonalds, KFC and Dominoes are no longer just a monthly treat they seem to be a convenience as some will say they don't have time to cook. It's not nutritious and what does that teach our children? Nothing.

My husband and I have involved our children in making bread, cakes, chocolate and soups. They have a great time and learn  too.

Ben's beginners aim is to change this trend. Check out their youtube channel.

They have videos showing easy recipes that can get everyone and teaches new skills like how to chop onions.

I for one will be following the channel on youtube and will continue to involve my children in making meals and cakes.


  1. I'm not surprised at all. I know some adults who struggle to make much more than a sandwich ket alone a main meal so it's not at all surprising the kids have no idea.
    It's very sad