Tuesday 19 August 2014

Fun with my girl

Today my mum and I took my little Sophie bug up to Palacerigg Park to see the animals and to play in the big swing park.

This was a big thing as it is the first time I have been able to take any of my children there in almost a year!!

We had a blast!! The park was virtually empty as the school holidays are over so no crowds meant Sophie could get better access to the animals and swing park!

She loved playing in the sand, going on the big slide and having a shot on the swings.  We had a wander round to see some of the animals too.  She thought the pigs were great and to her they were "peppa and George" so cute!!  The peacocks were another favourite. Oh and she tried to have a conversation with the ducks.

We all had a fab morning and it was nice for me and Sophie to get some time with my mum.

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  1. aww looks like you had a fab day x you look stunning hun x