Saturday 16 August 2014

Getting ready for school.

It might be my son who starts school on Monday but I feel like it's me who is getting ready for school as it means it's the first step in letting him go.

Don't get me wrong I know Liam is more than ready for school.  He is a smart boy and no doubt he will make friends quickly but I can't help but worry about him.  What parent wouldn't worry about their child being away for 6 hours a day?

We've to take him in an hour later than P2-P7 as it will be quieter then and not as overwhelming for the first day.  We go into the classroom, get him settled in, meet the teacher, take some pictures then it's time for us to leave.  I know for a fact when I walk out that building and leave him there I am going to be in tears.  My little boy is growing up.

His sister Sophie might feel a little lost with him being away for most of the day but no doubt she will take advantage of having all the toys to herself, that and plenty of one on one time with mummy.

Can't believe how quickly time has gone.  Big step for my little boy.

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