Tuesday 16 September 2014

Cooking with your children

Following on from my post about the wonderful Ben's beginners https://twitter.com/BensBeginnersUK which is an initiative from Uncle Ben's.  They aim to get more children into the kitchen to help their parents with cooking and baking which teaches them vital kitchen skills.

I asked my son Liam if he would like to help his dad make home made tomato soup today after school.  He got so excited about this that he didn't want to go. Oops. I am, however, delighted that he wants to get involved.  He sees it as fun but he is learning.

Here are some pictures of my children helping in the kitchen (Sophie is 2 so is still a bit young)

Liam learning to mix

Liam with the rolls he helped make

My little chefs

Liam weighing the choc powder

Sophie helping out
Why not get your kids involved. It helps them learn the skills they will need when older and its fun.

You can find videos from Ben's Beginners at https://www.youtube.com/user/bensbeginners/bensbeginners

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