Wednesday 24 September 2014

Indoor Picnic

Sophie missed her playgroup trip today as she is still unwell so we decided to give her a picnic instead.  We had planned on taking her just outside ours on the grass area but it had been raining all night so it was still wet and muddy.

So we had it inside :)

It had a Peppa Pig theme which Sophie loved since that is one of her favourite characters!!

James went to ASDA and bought Peppa crisps, Yoghurt's and cakes, I made little love heart shaped ham sandwiches and we had biscuits and juice too.

Sophie had a great time. It was very warm today outside so we had the windows opened and let some fresh air in so it was just like being outside, minus the mud and wasps!!

Indoor picnics are a fab idea for when its wet and cold outside, one of the children are unwell or just for the sake of it.

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