Saturday 6 September 2014

Don't take no for an answer

For over a year now I have been back and forward to the doctors, even to A&E, trying to get answers to how I was feeling and yesterday one doctor finally listened.  If I hadn't kept going back I would never have got anywhere.

I know many of us do no like to feel like we are harassing the doctors or that we are just imagining the way we are feeling. At the end of the day the GP's are there to help everyone regardless.

Here are some little tips for getting the answers and the help you need.

  • Write a list of symptoms 
  • Go through each symptom one by one
  • Take someone with you for support
  • Talk slowly try not to blurt everything out ( I am guilty of this)
  • Each appointment is 10 minutes long
  • Don't be scared to disagree
  • If you don't feel you have been taken seriously ask for a second opinion
  • Do not be scared to ask to be referred for counselling if you feel you need it

I had my mum with me yesterday and I was so grateful for her support.  My husband had previously been with me when I went to two other doctors who failed to give me the help I needed.

REMEMBER: you are not being a pain by going back you are simply trying to get better and there is nothing wrong with that.

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