Monday 22 September 2014

Vamousse - Lice treatment

Having a child at school I know it is all too well how quickly and easily head lice spread. I think it is almost impossible to get through school without having them.

Many times I have wondered if they can be prevented. This is where Vamousse comes in.

They offer a preventative shampoo which I think is fantastic as it lowers the chances of your child getting lice.  It can be used on children from aged 2 up to adults.  How do you use it?  It is simple

  • Work into a lather and massage into scalp
  • Leave for at least THREE minutes
  • Rinse well

If you want good results its recommended that you use the shampoo for at least 2 weeks.

If your child has head lice already then I recommend Vamousse head lice treatment.  It comes in an easy to apply mousse. To use:

  • split hair into sections
  • Shake the canister well
  • apply onto DRY hair
  • pay special attention to nape of neck and behind ears
  • make sure all of hair and scalp are covered
  • leave in hair for 15 minutes.
Now I know 15 minutes to a child is a long time. Well Vamousse came up with a unique mobile app to keep them amused.

The game is on different levels and is designed to last the full 15 minutes to keep the kids entertained.  I have played the game so many times just for fun!! You get to blast the lice with vamousse and watch them disappear. You can get this game on google play and its FREE

Once the 15 minutes is over you use the comb that is included combing hair from scalp downwards. If the hair dries put more on and continue until all lice are gone!  Then shampoo hair and towel dry.

It really is that quick and simple!! The treatment is oil free so it is not harsh on the hair but gets rid of the little itch monsters!!

You can buy Vamousse from Superdrug /Vamousse-Protection-Shampoo-200ml/p/265902#.VCBqmVclr1g - £9.99 - £14.99

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