Monday 15 September 2014

Moon Sand Fun

Today my daughter Sophie was due to start a new toddler drama group but sadly due to low numbers the class has been cancelled.

So we decided to have some messy play in the house instead (raining here all day) Out came the Moon Sand and the smile on Sophie's face.  Granny and Grampa bought the kids this a while back, It's a firm favourite!

This one has 2 moulds, one that is fruit and one that is sweets, 3 glasses, 1 mixer, spoons, umbrellas and pink & yellow sand.

It is great for sensory play!! Sophie loved mixing the colours in the blender and making the moulds! She was not too happy when we tidied it away haha. It can get messy but who cares? The main thing is she had a fab time playing with it and really there was very little mess as put a bog sheet down.

I think it is safe to say Santa will be bringing more moulds and colours!

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