Monday 22 September 2014

Panda soft Drinks

My children love fruit squash, however, some are really high in sugars and are full of artificial flavours.  They don't like to drink plain still water so I have found a great alternative.

Panda soft drinks!!

They come in some yummy flavours. Orange & Pineapple still water, Raspberry still juice and Blackcurrant still water and still juice.  Apart from the amazing flavours, Panda drinks are:

  • Made with only natural fruit flavours
  • Contains NO added sugar
  • Contains NO artificial colours or flavours.

These 250ml bottles are brilliant for packed lunches or for when you are on the go. They comes with a sports cap meaning they can be closed over again!!

You can buy the drinks in a pack of 6 from Asda (£1.98) and Tesco (£1.99)

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