Tuesday 18 November 2014

Christmas lights switch on

On Saturday we took the kids up to the Antonine Centre.  I know that sounds like an every day event, BUT, this time Santa was there and he was switching on the Christmas lights.

When we told Liam & Sophie where they were going WOW they were that excited I was nearly crying. Their faces just lit up and that made me so so happy. I painted their faces, a Christmas tree one one side and Santa's hat on the other side haha. They loved it.

We got there 5 minutes before the lights were being switched on as we didn't want them waiting around too long. The shopping centre was extremely busy, not surprising really!

Santa came down the steps and you can imagine the noise from all the kids!!  The light went on to cheers and I am sure i saw some tears too!

Liam & Sophie met Santa and he gave them some sweets. They were so excited and happy, yes I did have tears in my eyes. Even though I felt unwell, and it was the first time I have been there in a while, I felt amazing seeing my children so happy I came home and James stayed a little longer with Liam & Sophie so they could spend more time with my mum and sister.

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