Sunday 23 November 2014

It was a success

Well I hosted the coffee morning yesterday and.....IT WAS A MASSIVE SUCCESS!

I had a target of £75 and I managed to raise £150!!

Everyone who attended had a wonderful time. £3 entry got them as much tea, sandwiches and cake as they could handle! You would be lucky to get cake for that in most cafes! I also sold some cakes my awesome sister Claire made for 50p a cake!

I also held a raffle for a beautiful hamper that Jacqui made for me! This was £2 a strip (you can see why)

I held a raffle for other awesome goodies too at £1 a strip.

Here are some more picture from yesterday.

I want to say thanks to the following people: Mum, Dad, Claire, Dave, Aunt Margaret, Jacqui, Emma, Marie & Lisa for all their donations and cake making!!  Douwe Egberts, Tetley & Yorkshire Tea for sending me tea and coffee for my event.

I also want to thank everyone who kindly donated money.

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