Tuesday 4 November 2014

Halloween 2014

Wow Friday was a very busy day for us.  During the night Liam was up as he was sick but he was well enough to go to school.  I am glad as he had a Halloween party in his class and he got to dress up as a vampire. He looked so cute!!

Whilst he was at school myself and Sophie went to Clarks with my mum and dad to get Sophie much needed new shoes, her feet grow far too quickly! It actually turned out to be a rather quick trip as Sophie knew what she wanted. Yes she is 2 but when it comes to shoes she knows haha.  She conned her gran and Granda into a pair of trainers too. On the way back we saw the Kelpies. This was the first time I have seen them up close.  They are amazing.

On Friday night we all went to a charity Halloween party, yes me included, along with my mum, my sister, her boyfriend and my aunt.  Liam is a right party animal we hardly saw him all night as he was busting some moves on the dance floor.  Sophie was talking to everyone and had a dance too.  They played pass the parcel and it came down to Liam and Sophie.  Sophie won and Liam wasn't too happy oops but he did win the scariest face competition so all was well again!!  As for me I lasted over 3 hours before having to sit in my mums car.  This was not down to anxiety it was down to a really sore back!! Not long later we all went home.  The kids were exhausted, we all were.  It was a fantastic night and we all had a great time.

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