Monday 10 November 2014

Weekend fun

This weekend my husband James was in London to see the Dallas Cowboys play in an NFL game. It really was a dream come true for him and I am delighted he got the chance to see his team play, He got time away, which he needed and totally deserved, met up with other fans and had an amazing time.  Plus he got time with his brother too. Even better for James his team won (31-17)

Me and the two bears went to my mum and dads Saturday morning.  The kids had a blast.  They played games, got messy painting, well Sophie did haha, coloured in Christmas cards and generally had a good day.  On the Sunday my dad and I tool them for a walk to get them out in the fresh air.
Oh did I mention there was cake, very yummy cake. Cake is good.

I brought the kids home Sunday night so they could get back into a routine for the school week,

James comes home today and we are all excited to see him.  As much as I missed him it is nice to get time away from each other too.  Well they do say absence makes the heart grow fonder.

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