Thursday 27 November 2014

The most stressful time of the year!?

With Christmas just round the corner (already!!) many of us will have started the fun and games that is Christmas shopping.

There was a time I enjoyed shopping for others presents, enjoying the atmosphere in the shops and excited to see their reactions when they opened their gifts,  Since becoming a parent I have actually seen the other side of Christmas shopping.....the stress!

Is this the right one? Do they have this already? Did we get them enough? Did we get them too much? Do they have the same amount of presents each? ARRGGGHHH.  Add to that, having to take the youngest with us whilst trying to hide what we are buying at the same time! To the computer I go.

Oh yes you read that correct.  I would say that 95% of the shopping at this time of year is done online.  Better prices, delivered straight to the door and best of all LESS STRESS.  Of course there will still be the same questions but it doesn't seem as bad when you are on your sofa with a cup of tea.

This year I will go the the shopping centre to pick up a few things that way the kids can see the lights and Christmas displays.  When they are distracted by that I can stand with them and send James in to the shop to collect the gifts.

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