Wednesday 5 November 2014

When Everyone Shines But You

I am the kind of person who loves to read and I always look to better myself so usually I put the two together and read self help books.

We all know the books that tell us we have something wrong and we need to be fixed, I know I have read books like that.  That was until I read "When Everyone Shines But You - Saying Goodbye to I'm not good enough" by Kelly Martin.

I always felt like I should change who I was to fit in with everyone else and that I should hide certains things about me as I felt others would dislike me.

What Kelly does through this book is change that view.  It is ok to be you, flaws and all.  Why? The answer is simple. You are human and that is ok. She teaches you how both positive and negative situations are needed to make us who we are.  Well be honest do you actually know anyone who is "perfect"? no I didn't think so.

Recently I was at a party, my first big night out in months, and I was in and out of the hall due to the heat, which makes me really uncomfortable. I would usually worry that people would question what I was doing and ask my why I was in and out and ask what was wrong with me.  That night I just did not care.  I had my reasons and that is that.  Does it make me different? Well not really but I am me and that is just one of my many little quirks.

I honestly cannot thank Kelly for writing this book.  It has helped me change my outlook on things and now I am even more happy to just be me and take the good with the bad.  After all that is what life is.

You can purchase the book at for £5.99 Kindle Edition.

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