Sunday 27 July 2014

Friday's success

My mum and dad know that I have not been out for a good while and on Friday told me to meet them in the cafe at our local Asda.

I was a complete nervous wreck, full blown panic attack and I was even sick and this was before leaving the house.  The thought of going made me ill. I know its mad isn't it? A place I have been to before so many times plus my parents would be there for support too.

My dad came to collect my son and walked him up to Asda, myself and Sophie went later in a taxi.

You know what I done it and when I was out I did not even feel anxious at all.  Yes I was expecting too but I never. I was sitting there drinking my water, having conversations and having fun with my family.

It felt amazing.

Here are some pictures lol.

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