Monday 28 July 2014

Outcome of my mental health survey

In May I conducted an online mental health survey.  The results are as follows.

21 responses


Do you have a mental health condition?


Do you have


Did you seek help straight away?


If you did seek help, what options were you given?

directed to self help00%
did not seek help420%

If you did not seek help, did you have concerns about doing so?

Slight concerns. No Was scared my boy would be took away by soci services felt embarrassed

Do you think the NHS do enough to help those with Mental health conditions?


In what way do you think they could improve?

offer more counselling/therapies. stop handing out medication so easily help with links to other organisations DWP for example my going to get counselling and trying to Concor it Put more funding into this sector more funding don't konw GP dr needs to have more knowledge and explain the symptoms of anxiety to help elevate the fear of going mad NOt just give you pills For parents to get leaflets about depression, baby blues etc and spoke to before leaving hospital. Too much discrimination for pnd and other issues By following up patient progress, GP and counsellor communication Rape Crisis Support Stop using Anti Depressants as an answer to everything. Sometimes there would be a better solution. Quicker waiting times for talking therapy etc Specialist training in the area to gain a better understanding of mental health conditions More support

Have you visited any self help sites? if so which one(s)?

anxiety no more no No None mind no. No anxiety no more, see me scotland, mind, MHF none Nope Yes but unsure names

If your loved one has a mental health condition would you know where to get information and advice?


Have you heard of organisations such as See Me Scotland, Mind or mental health foundation?


Lastly, what advice would you personally give someone with a mental health condition?

There is no stigma with any mental health issue and you will get better. Seek help anywhere and take baby steps. A wee step at a time does Talk to someone You're not alone. Dont wait, seek helpget help don't be ashamed or scared see your gp as soon as possible or talk to someone you trust there is no battle to win. the longer u struggle with it the worse it will get. accept you have anxiety and live your life with it and the fear will disappear in time Go and get help.Theres all the help out there. Your not alone. dont hide it be honest dont be afraid to seek help Don't suffer in silence, visit ur gp, there is help out there. dont be afraid to speak to a friend or relative if you need help Dont give up. Dont shut urself away from ppl who care about u

never be ashamed of having a mental illness medication helps Don't be afraid to be yourself. Always talk to someone - don't bottle it up the fog does lift even though you think it will last forever No matter how bad it seems it does get better.

What do you think of the results?.

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