Sunday 27 July 2014

healthy snack for children

If, like me, you find it hard to have a healthy snack, like fruit, readily available when out and about this is the product for you!!

Crushed fruit pouches are coming to the rescue!!!

My children love fruit and these went down a treat with them.  The 2 flavours I tried were Strawberry and Apple and Banana and apple.  My little boy loved the strawberry and my daughter the banana.

It is real fruit, none of this "flavoured to be like" its the real deal.  So so tasty!!

Nice and healthy, full of flavour and fun!!  You can put these in pack lunches, take out and about or even in the house for a quick snack.

You can buy these pouches at Waitrose and from WH Smith Travel.

You get 4 in a box and at £3.50 its a great purchase.

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