Sunday 27 July 2014

Molecular Gastronomy Spherification Kit

I had been looking forward to trying this as it was something that really appealed to me.  Sadly I now feel let down.

My husband, who is a highly trained chef and has worked for Gordon Ramsay, took over the process.

In the box you get the instructions, 2 droppers, 1 syringe, Sodium Alginate and Calcium Lactate.

He followed the rules as stated in the leaflet for the minted pea puree "eggs". Unfortunately the instructions are not set out clearly and look as if they have been written in a hurry.

It simply did not work at all.

Clearer instructions should be provided with illustration showing how to complete the steps properly.

I might try the Melon Caviar recipe tomorrow.  I will let you know if this one works or not.

If you do want to try this kit and others like it please visit


  1. omg im glad i didnr get one of theses looks confusing to use, i wonder if there was parts missing or something if it didnt work? mayb ask the company x

    1. this video explains it much better than the company did