Sunday 27 July 2014

lip balms that smell good enough to eat

Have you ever bought a lip balm and it's been, well, a bit boring ? I have found lip balms that will help smooth your lips and taste lush.

Sweet Cecily's sell the most amazing flavours.  I tried their Mojito, Pina Colada and the new addition Espresso.

The Espresso balm really does smell and taste like coffee utterly delicious.  I think this one will sell very well indeed.

The Mojito balm is my favourite.  it tastes like mint and is so refreshing. Yummy

The Pina Colada balm has the most amazing pineapple scent.  Reminds me of being on holiday!!

They are lovely and easy to apply and are not greasy or gloopy like some balms are.

How much I hear you ask - at £2.95 it's a bargain.

You can find these and more at