Monday 21 July 2014

It has been a hard few days

Let me set the scene.  Sun is splitting the sky, school holidays, time for fun, days out and making memories and my two poor bears are not well. Typical isn't it.

It started when Sophie had a slight chest infection which turned into a full blown cold, Liam followed as did I.
Sore ears and sore stomachs all round.  My husband is the only one who has managed to stay clear apart from a slight cold.

All I want to do is get up, get them fed, washed and dressed and go out and enjoy the weather.  Instead its DVDs, games and cuddles as we look out the window at the glorious sunshine and everyone else having fun.

Today my son wanted to go out in the paddling pool but his sister is still unwell so it was not an option so what did I do?  I set the paddling pool up in the house, filled it up and let them play for half an hour. It was worth every splash as they enjoyed it and with the heat that is radiating through this flat if they closed their eyes the would think they were outside.

Fun was had and that's the main thing. I love seeing my kids smile.

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