Thursday 31 July 2014

Special shout out goes to.....

B Famous!

Who are they? They are a Rock n Roll Boutique selling Rock – Punk Classics Merchandise such as T-shirts, miniature guitars, memorabilia and many... The Brands... Mainly Amplified Clothing, House of the Gods, Junk Food, Bioworld, Converse ... The products range from Rolling Stones t-shirts to Iron Maiden Mugs, Beatles Miniature Guitars to Led Zeppelin's iPhone Covers

How did they start? Started off in 2007 in a small boutique in London and the website launched 2009. They are still in that little boutique today serving music lovers.

What do they offer? Great service, great knowledge and amazing products that every music lover will ever need. The sell adults and kids clothing plus other collectibles

What are you waiting for get onto the website now and have a look You won't be disappointed.

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