Tuesday 3 June 2014

attempting something new

Many people who read this may think "seriously you can't do that?" well not yet I can't.
You wondering what I am on about? Applying eyeliner!!

To me it's hard, just cannot do it and have never really attempted it since I had an epic fail lol.

The time has come to try again. I have a charity ball on Saturday and I want to look the part.

One other thing I am going to try is styling my hair without anyone's help.

I know this is not the usual thing for me to post but I am trying new things which will help boost my confidence and think we should all try something new that we are afraid of. Why not?

The hairstyle I will attempt

The eyeliner I am going to use. L'Oreal Super liner pen


  1. i cant wait to see pics a little tip u could try when ur practicing your eliner x line ur lids with a darkish shadow first as eyeshadow is easier to remove if u go wrong.

    also lining it with dark shadow first is good as u can see what it will look like and if u like it just go over the line with your eyeliner xx


    1. Hey
      thanks for the tips. I am a bit nervous but im sure i can do it, hopefully lol xxx