Thursday 26 June 2014

Day trips with my little family

Last year during the summer holidays we took the kids on a few days out.  We did not have the money for a holiday so this is the next best thing plus it spreads out the excitement too!
We plan on doing the same again this summer and I am really looking forward to it!!

We took them to the Riverside museum in Glasgow which is full of old cars, bikes, trains you name it, it has it. There is even an old fashioned street. Entry was free which is always good.

On another day we took them to the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow.  This was the first time Liam was on the underground. Poor little guy did not like it much. The museum itself is a stunning building, absolutely gorgeous inside and out.  The museum houses many different exhibitions from dinosaurs to Egyptian Pharaohs.  The kids had an amazing time and were fascinated from start to finish.

We also had a big picnic with family on my husbands side at Callendar Park in Falkirk.  They played mini gold, played in the play park, football and loads more.

My mother in law took us on an unplanned trip to the Falkirk wheel which is an incredible piece of engineering. The wheel connects 2 different canals.

Day trips to Glasgow and Falkirk are all they needed. They had days playing at the local park and outside in the paddling pool too.

Summer can be fun on a tight budget too.

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  1. looks like you have some great trips out as a family x :) xx