Wednesday 18 June 2014

the last few days

So as most of you will know I have been feeling unwell recently, well for a few months actually.

I had blood tests last week, after pushing the doctor for them yet again and I finally got the answer!!!!!

Low Folic Acid - this is a form of anaemia.

All this time the GP had blamed all my issues on anxiety alone!! I was even given antidepressants.

I am happy I finally got the answer I was after and I am not taking a folic acid supplement.


In happier news I got an email that made me scream shout and fall off the sofa lol.

Anyone who knows me will tell you how much I loved (still do) Westlife. They split in 2012 and two members have released albums. I have both albums. I have a copy of Shane's which is signed and a non signed copy of Kian's....until now

woooo I won I won lol. Can you tell that I am excited.

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