Wednesday 11 June 2014

carrying on regardless.

Today I was at the doctor to get my bloods done.  I am not scared of needles or blood so I am not sure why I had a panic attack whilst waiting to be seen.

The fast breathing, heavy feeling in chest, dizziness well you know how it goes.

I was then called into the room for my tests.  Now I could have kept quiet about having a panic attack but I thought well why should I.  So I told the nurse and she asked did I want to continue, expecting me to say no, I said yes.

The other nurse in the room thought I should reschedule the appointment as she would not carry out the test on an anxious person.  I politely reminded her that this was my decision and I am sure most patients they see are anxious or nervous.

That got a giggle from the other nurse lol.

I had my blood taken and that was that.  Yes, the panic attack was still there but I got back in my mum's car and was fine. OK I felt drained but I don't care :)

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