Sunday 8 June 2014

What's in your make up bag?

I know my last few posts have been about make up and that's not the usual topic but there is a reason for this. I am trying to build peoples confidence. Yes it is only make up but wearing that little bit every so often can help a lot.  Also playing around with it and finding a new look,something you were too scared to try, also helps with confidence levels.

Now I am not saying you have to wear make up to feel good and if I am being honest I rarely wear it.

So I am sharing with you the items that are in my make up bag.  What's in yours?

Calvin Klein Lip Gloss

make up brushes

bloom eye shadows

Lip glosses 

Gosh Eyeshadow

Eye liner 


powder foundation

Smokey eye palette 

Barry M Dazzle Dust

Various eye shadows


  1. ive got the little mix eyeshadow to and the rimmel great eyeshadows and i have the mascaras the scandle ones :) you have good taste xx

    1. Great minds think alike :) I love Rimmel but my faves are Barry M & Collection cosmetics. :) nice to have a good mix I think though xx