Friday 13 June 2014

My hobby - it really pays off

In 2012 I found my new hobby, entering competitions.  I had entered a few competitions and I did win a couple of times but it was later that year when I really started entering them.

Some people think it is a strange hobby to have and that my time should be better spent.  Others have said "where do you find the time you have two children"  I enter competitions when they are in bed or when my son is at nursery and my little girl is having a nap.

I know it is slightly different to some other hobbies but I enjoy it.

Over the last year I have won some amazing prizes, things I needed that I could not afford, little wins for the children and some fun items.

My best wins/freebies have to be: Roller Derby skates for my sister (£70), a £130 thermal winter coat, £200 of Pyrex cookware and my LG tumble Dryer (£429)

I love my hobby and I do tell other people about it and now some of them are hooked too.

Have you won anything?

Below is some of the things I have won.


  1. amazing post hun x its my hobby too i have won loads of nice things nice 2012ish onwards from makeup , baking goodies -gas bbq- chromebook n other litttle things it is really a fab hobby and get to meet loads of people aswell xx

    1. its great fun isn't it.
      When I got the tumble dryer it was perfect timing as my other one was going on the blink.
      I have met loads of lovely people through comping xxx